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School Hall & Stage Curtains - Hampstead


completed for:

St. Mary’s School, Hampstead, London on the 29 October 2019

St Mary's requested that we visit, survey and offer advise on how to update the hall and stage.

We suggested and installed:

  • A canvas backdrop to project lights onto instead of the gold torn velvet curtains 
  • We introduced 4 wing bars to the sides as there were none for exit and entry to stage left and right
  • 2 divider curtains and tracking systems to split the stage
  • Front of house velvet curtains to replace the old ones
  • In the hall we replaced the big curtains with navy velvet blackout lined curtains
  • The school wanted their logo visible in the hall so we fitted 3 roller blinds with this printed on that also hid some unattractive windows 

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